EP208: A Little Ghosting Problem

SEGMENT 1: Is Dirt the New Prozac?

Here’s a segment from last year that’s worth replaying now that the weather’s warming up! If you’ve got flower beds that need work, there’s actually scientific evidence that digging in the dirt can be calming! Here’s one of the articles we reference in the segment….

SEGMENT 2: Which Wood?

Normally, we talk about cleaning and staining your deck for the Spring. But maybe you actually need to build a new deck altogether! If so, here’s an interview with Jason Slenk from Overisel Lumber that might help you decide which material to use.

SEGMENT 3: Goodbye Soap Scum and Hard Water Stains!

Last year, during the lockdowns, Dan stumbled on a bathroom cleaner that really helped clean up some of the trouble spots in one of the bathrooms in his home. It’s CLR: Brilliant Bath and it’s worth checking out!

SEGMENT 4: A Little Ghosting Problem….

Last year, on Memorial Day, Dan pointed out a ghosting (or thermal tracking) problem going on in his parents’ condo. He was happy to dish out the info . . . they were less than thrilled to realize that the things they thought were shadows on their walls were actually something else entirely!

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