EP211: The World in Blue and White

SEGMENTS 1 & 2: Meet Michaela Noelle Designs

This is our third month curating monthly color palettes but the first time a designer has curated the colors for us! Michaela joins us to talk about the services she offers and what inspired this month’s color palette, “Forget-Me-Not”.

SEGMENT 3: Desert Island Paint

We welcome a familiar voice back and learn all about what Dan Altena and the RepcoLite Lab have been cooking up. RepcoLite has a couple of new products that will suit just about any interior paint job . . . . Tune in to learn about a technology you might not know about . . . .

SEGMENT 4: A Maze of Books?

Another Gem of West Michigan Segment! This time we feature Lowry’s Books and More, the second largest used book store in Michigan. You will want to set aside an entire afternoon to give your self plenty of time to get lost in the books!

EP212: Black Gold
EP210: An Unlikely Hero