EP212: Black Gold

SEGMENTS 1 & 2: Black Gold

Composting is a great way to cut down on the amount of trash filling your garbage can. However, most of us have probably seen or experienced a compost pile that smells and attracts pests. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be that way. Learn how to do composting right!

Wood Chips/PelletsCarbonHigh carbon levels; use sparingly
Wood AshCarbonOnly use ash from clean materials; sprinkle lightly
Tea LeavesNitrogenLoose or in bags
Table ScrapsNitrogenAdd with dry carbon items
Straw or HayCarbonStraw is best; hay (with seeds) is less ideal
Shrub PruningsCarbonWoody pruning are slow to break down
Shredded PaperCarbonAvoid using glossy paper and colored inks
Seaweed and KelpNitrogenApply in thin layers; good source for trace minerals
Sawdust PelletsCarbonHigh carbon levels; add in layers to avoid clumping
Pine NeedlesCarbonAcidic; use in moderate amounts
NewspaperCarbonAvoid using glossy paper and colored inks
LeavesCarbonLeaves break down faster when shredded
Lawn and Garden WeedsNitrogenOnly use weeds which have not gone to seed
Green Comfrey LeavesNitrogenExcellent compost activator
Grass ClippingsNitrogenAdd in thin layers so they don't mat into clumps
Garden Plants-Use disease-free plants only
Fruit and Vegetable ScrapsNitrogenAdd with dry carbon items
Flowers, CuttingsNitrogenChop up any long woody stems
EggshellsNeutralBest when crushed
Dryer LintCarbonBest if from natural fibers
Corn Cobs, StalksCarbonSlow to decompose; best if chopped up
Coffee GroundsNitrogenFilter may also be included

SEGMENT 3: Meet the Professor

We are joined by Brad Krause, president of Service Professor. We talk about shortages we are seeing across industries and speculate on how long term that may be. Plus, learn all about the services they offer, including a new technology that improves your heating and cooling efficiency.

SEGMENT 4: Curb Appeal on a Budget

Obviously, painting the entire exterior will have the most impact. Fortunately, there are small projects that can improve the curb appeal of your home with less time and money invested. In this segment, color is the name of the game as we point out some overlooked projects….
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