EP47 – February 24, 2018: Area Rugs, Ask RepcoLite: Poly Over Paint, Refinishing Wood Floors, & The Hidden Tape Measure


Hiding underneath our carpet (in many of our homes at least!) are beautiful hardwood floors. Or, at least they could one day be beautiful! All it takes is a little elbow grease, a little commitment, and a little know-how and you can turn those old floors into conversation pieces in your home! On today’s show we tell you the basics of what a hardwood floor refinishing project looks like. We also highlight a number of interesting and remarkably helpful tricks that almost every single tape measure can do!

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Show notes for episode 047:

Understanding how to use area rugs is a struggle for many people. Where do you use one? How do you use one? What if you don't have wood floors or tile? Can you still add a rug?

Lucky for us, Nick Sargent from Johnson Carpet One in Grandville is going to help us with the dos and don'ts of area rugs.

This is another "Ask RepcoLite" segment. We had a listener post a great question on our Facebook page. She wanted to know if it was a good idea to put a polyurethane over her newly painted cabinets.

We answer her question and give you some reasons you might want to think twice before adding the extra coats.

There is nothing quite like finding hidden treasure. It's even better when you find it in your home! Are you standing on some right now?

Wood floors are not only beautiful, but they add character and value to your home. And refinishing or refurbishing them might not really be as bad as you think!

Did you know your tape measure has magical powers? It can actually do math!! It's filled with all kinds of information that many of us don't even know about. We'll explain as much as we can as quickly as we can.

But if you want even more, here is a video from the Essential Craftsman that will give you even more hidden tape measure potential.

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