EP55 – April 21, 2018: Silicone Caulk, GFCIs, and Thomas Jefferson: Interior Designer

This show has a little of everything! We talk about GFCIs and why those little buttons should actually be used. We talk about a couple new electrical gadgets. And one will save you money if you have kids! And because Dan needs his own segment, we have a great one called Use With Caution. And finally, we are airing the last segment from last week because it didn’t air due to technical difficulties. It was too good to let slip by!

Listen here:

Show notes for episode 055:

Betsy has her own segment so it's only fair that Dan should have his own, right? That's why we are introducing a new segment, very appropriately named, "Use With Caution!"

In this segment we tackle silicone caulk. A lot of people think caulk is just caulk and that the more water resistant it is, the better. However, we recommend using it with caution for a reason! If you use it for the wrong application, the consequences can be almost tragic.

We might not all know that GFCI outlets can actually save our lives. Any place that has water present should have them. We also might not be aware that those little buttons in the middle of the outlet should actually be pushed regularly to test the outlet.

In the studio with us to explain the finer points of GFCIs is Brad Krause, Master Electrician and owner of Service Professor. And don't think they only do electrical! They do everything from heating and cooling, plumbing, and electrical to air duct cleaning (that's duct NOT duck!). And they have outstanding customer service. There's a reason these guys (and ladies) get stellar reviews!

Last week we had some "technical difficulties" and segment 4 didn't air. The problem is, the segment was too good for people NOT to hear it! Who knew that Thomas Jefferson was such an amazing interior decorator?!

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