EP60 – June 2, 2018: Popcorn Ceilings No More, Must-Have Drywall Tools, Paint Behind the Toilet, Egress Windows

Popcorn ceilings hit the scene in the 1950’s and took off in popularity. However, just like other fads and fashions (bellbottoms, we’re looking at you), the beauty and appeal wore thin before too long! But, many of our homes have that cottage cheese stuff on the ceilings and we don’t know what to do to get it off! Well, we’ve got some ideas on that….

Show notes for episode 060:

Popcorn ceilings were popular in the past. But that was a LONG time ago! Yet, they're everywhere. What can we do to cover them up and make our homes look better? We have some suggestions in this segment!

Also, in the course of the segment, Dan references a picture of himself. Here it is, in all it's 1970's glitz and glamour:

Drywalling isn't a terribly fun job. In fact, it's kind of a pain. BUT, if you've got the right tools, it can go much more smoothly than you may expect!

Painting behind the toilet is one of the biggest questions we receive in our inbox. People just don't know what to do to cover that small area behind the tank with paint. Well, wonder no longer. We have the answer: make your own Toilet Tank Behinder Painter!

George Clark from WMGB Home Improvement is one of our favorite interviews! He's always funny, energized, and ready to dish out as much information as the segment can hold. Today, we talk about everything you need to know about egress windows!

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