Episode 221: Refrigerator Makeovers, The Ups and Downs of Window Treatments, and Home Foundation Concerns

SEGMENT 1: Refrigerator Paint Job

We received a question from a listener wondering if it was possible to paint his refrigerator. Actually, it’s a relatively simple project provided you follow a few basic steps!

SEGMENT 2 : The Ins and Outs, Ups and Downs of Window Treatments

Judy Cisler from Gotcha Covered of Grand Rapids joins us in the studio to discuss window treatments. We talk about the terminology and how you can decide which ones are right for your home.

SEGMENT 3 : Foundational Issues

Zack Krieger from Ayers Basement Systems speaks with us about concerns regarding the foundations of our homes. He talks about some common problems and the solutions. And of course, he provides us with a number of things to look for so you can determine if your home’s foundation needs a little expert help.

SEGMENT 4: Refrigerators Revisited

To wrap up the show, we return full circle to refrigerators. In the opening segment we talked about how to paint them. This time we talk about some interesting design ideas and fun “refrigerator makeovers” that are cropping up all over Instagram.

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