Episode 222: Color Consultations, Deck Transformations, and the Pictures We Forget to Take

SEGMENT 1: Color Consultations

We often mention that we have color consultants in our stores that are ready to help. However, some people may be left wondering what exactly a color consultation is or when they are helpful… so to give us some insight on the process we are joined by our Fulton Street Color Consultant, Myra Maness.

SEGMENTS 2 & 3: Deck Transformation

Coating a deck is probably the most common exterior DIY project. Yet most of us are prone to avoiding the process because the prep work can take days. Luckily there is a way around this! We’ll tell you exactly how we made a deck look brand new in under 5 hours!

SEGMENT 4: The Pictures We Forget to Take

Whether we like it or not most of us are attached to our phones, so why not put them to work? We discuss some of the smart ways to use your phone’s camera as a tool during your next project.

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