Episode 227: Safety First, Dealing with Paint Shortages, Home Buying Hope, the Order of Decorating

SEGMENT 1: Safety First

Dan rips his pants…and to put it all behind him we recount a few stories that might help you slow down. We are all guilty of rushing and not taking proper safety precautions…but is it worth it?

SEGMENT 2: Dealing with Paint Shortages

Product shortages are the never ending story right now in almost every industry. We are joined by Kevin Herman; Benjamin Moore Territory Rep to get the scoop on what we are experiencing in the paint industry. We will leave you with a few things to keep in mind during your next visit.

SEGMENT 3: Home-Buying Hope

Hailey got a house! It’s been months of searching but it’s finally happened. We go through her house buying journey and what she learned along the way. If you are looking or thinking about looking for a house these tips might help.

SEGMENT 4: The Order of Decorating

Whether you are decorating an entire house or just a room, the task can be daunting. The trick that can help you is; working “in order”. Many of us paint first but there are some problems that can create…

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