Episode 228: The Arctic Tern, Renovation Loans, and the Solo Stove Fire Pit

SEGMENTS 1 & 2: The Arctic Tern

We speak with RepcoLite’s own James Van’t Slot about a major DIY project he undertook a number of years back: building a sailboat! Click here if you’d like to check out the images James captured during every step of the project!

SEGMENT 3: Renovation Loans with Stockton Mortgage

Amanda Lehman from Stockton Mortgage gets us all up to speed on a loan that could help you snag your dream home!

SEGMENT 4: The Solo Stove

We’re heading into fall and that means campfires! If you’ve never heard of a Solo Stove Fire Pit before, we highlight the main reasons you’ll want on. Number one on the list? It’s smokeless! On top of that, we talk about a new contest that will run in all of our stores this September, giving you a chance to win one!

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