Episode 219: The “Old Glory” Story, Flag Etiquette, Styling Shelves the Easy Way, and Finding a Contractor

SEGMENT 1: The “Old Glory” Story

Dan recounts the dramatic tale of how the flag won the nickname “Old Glory”.

SEGMENT 2: Flag Etiquette

There are rules when it comes to proudly displaying the old “Stars and Stripes”. And we’re going to bet that a number of you are breaking at least one or two of them! We talk about the proper way to respectfully display the American Flag and we talk about the rituals that make up the “retirement” ceremony of a flag when it reaches that age!

SEGMENT 3: Styling Shelves the Easy Way

Interior Designer, Michaela Noelle, joins us to talk some key mistakes to avoid when styling shelves. She also walks us through her 4-step process to beautiful built-ins!

SEGMENT 4: Hiring a Contractor

Contractors are crazy busy right now! We talk with RepcoLite’s sales manager, Ryan Mullen about the best steps to finding and hiring a contractor for that next project. (Hint: the BEST tip is to start looking NOW).


EP202: Dutch Doors and Decoupage

SEGMENT 1: Weekend of Wallpaper

Last week we talked about ways to incorporate wallpaper into your design. This week, we want to dig into one of our favorite kids’ room wallpaper projects: creative cutouts!

Here’s what you’ll need:

RepcoLite Locations with Wallpaper Books

  • 17th Street Location (Holland)
  • Lakewood Blvd. Location (Holland)
  • Byron Center Location
  • Fulton Street Location (Grand Rapids)
  • Broadmoor Location (Grand Rapids)
  • Plainfield Ave. Location (Grand Rapids)
  • Kalamazoo Location

And also . . . in the course of the conversation, we talked about a dad who photoshops his kids’ drawings into realistic images. And they’re hilarious! There are a couple below. Click here for more!

SEGMENTS 2 & 3: Meet Mac Flook

Before becoming the Manager for our Jenison store, Mac went to school for Political Science. His plan was to go into medical law, but that slowly shifted. We learn why and discuss the value of trade skills.

SEGMENT 4: Dutch Door Friendly

Dutch doors date back to the 17th century and were extremely practical before screens were invented. Now they are coming back as a bold design feature that adds a ton of curb appeal . . . we weigh the pros and cons . . . .

EP201: The World of Wallpaper

SEGMENT 1: Spring Sump Pump Prep

Alliteration aside, now is a great time to make sure you’re ready inside and out for the Spring thaw and for the rain that will surely follow. We’ll give you all the tips and tricks to make sure your sump pump is ready for the job.

SEGMENT 2: Maybe . . . DON’T Do It Yourself

We are huge advocates of tackling projects yourself. However, there are a few we half learned to avoid. Here is your chance to learn from our mistakes!

SEGMENT 3: Find the RIGHT Professional

Everyone wants their home or their workspace to We can walk you through any paint project you may have. However, if you’re afraid of heights, painting your entire exterior might not be for you. Guest star, Ryan Mullen can help you find the right painter or contractor for the job.

SEGMENT 4: Wallpaper: The Next Generation

Starting the decorating process can be tricky . . . especially with kids. Wallpaper might e just what you need to kickstart the design! We discuss some of our favorite styles and how a little can go a long way. 

RepcoLite Locations with Wallpaper Books

  • 17th Street Location (Holland)
  • Lakewood Blvd. Location (Holland)
  • Byron Center Location
  • Fulton Street Location (Grand Rapids)
  • Broadmoor Location (Grand Rapids)
  • Plainfield Ave. Location (Grand Rapids)
  • Kalamazoo Location

EP200: Feng Shui Your Space

SEGMENT 1: Celebrating 200 Episodes

We never thought we’d make it, but here we are . . . 200 Episodes! To celebrate we’ve pulled a number of interesting facts from a great article we found entitled 200 Awesome Facts About Everything!

SEGMENT 2: Humidity . . . Our Friend and Foe!

Our poor pets are being shocked by static electricity left and right! Humidity can cause a lot of issues, whether it’s too high or too low. We dig into ways you can achieve the “Goldilocks” zone. Plus we cover some important considerations when choosing your humidifier!

SEGMENT 3: Good Vibes

Everyone wants their home or their workspace to feel warm and comfortable. Today we discuss how to declutter and create “good vibes” with the ancient practice of Feng Shui. Will your home pass the Feng Shui quiz?

SEGMENT 4: First Comes Snow, Then Comes Water Damage

It looks like a winter wonderland out there right now, but those giant icicles out there could mean that ice dams are forming. Learn how ice dams form and how to prevent them from causing water damage in your home.

We talk about what you need to do and how often to make sure your tires are at the right pressure, no matter the season!

And we also mentioned a specific tire gauge that we love. Here’s a link:

EP198: Winter Fun, Indoors and Out

SEGMENT 1: She’s a Huge Luger!

Hailey visited the Muskegon Winter Sports Complex this past Saturday and was blown away by all they had to offer in terms of outdoor winter fun! Besides ice skating, snow-shoeing, and cross country skiing, they also boast a luge track! Sadly, Hailey didn’t bring home the gold, but she still had a lot of fun! 

If you’re looking for something to do this winter, you’ve got to check out the Muskegon Winter Sports Complex!

SEGMENT 2: What’s Up With VOCs in Paint?

There are a lot of misconceptions out there when it comes to VOCs in paint. Search online for a few minutes and you’ll read a wide range of claims about the dangers. Unfortunately, a lot of that information is inaccurate. 

Today, we discuss what VOCs really are and how much they should impact your choice of paint. 

SEGMENT 3: Wally’s Treasures

Hailey spent last weekend on the luge track in Muskegon.  Dan chose something a little more his speed: a visit to an antique mall. However, this wasn’t just any antique mall! Wallys Treasures is absolutely huge, wonderfully curated, and reasonably priced. It was a great day of searching for hidden treasures and we can’t recommend it enough! 

Wally’s Treasures Antique Mall
1438 28th St. SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49508

SEGMENT 4: Choosing the Perfect Color in 2021

We’re all still dealing with the ongoing effects of COVID and for some of us, that means we’re just not comfortable coming into a store to browse and shop. For others, there are health issues that require them to be cautious.

If that’s you . . . or honestly, if you just don’t have the time to stand at the color display and try to find the right color . . . there are some solutions!

EP139: Prevent Frozen Pipes, Decorating for Christmas, The Great Christmas Contest 2


Segment 1: Prevent Frozen Pipes

Ahhh, Winter. There’s a lot of fun that come with a Michigan Winter. And then . . . there are the other things. One of those other things is the worry about frozen pipes during cold spells. A frozen and burst pipe in the home is one of the most catastrophic issues that can happen in a home. But, the good news is that there are things we can do to prevent this from happening to you!


One step is to insulate the supply pipes that run along exterior walls or in cabinets along exterior walls. Pipe insulation is inexpensive and can help, but it’s important to understand that it’s not a silver bullet! Also, consider the fact that insulated pipes will be harder to thaw should the pipe still freeze. But, overall, it can still be an important step given your situation.

If you have unheated areas or spots that are especially concerning, you might want to consider heat tape. Check with a plumber to make sure you get the right kind for your situation and install it correctly.


We tend to want to shut doors, close vents, and turn down the heat in the winter to save on energy expenses. However, that can be counterproductive when it comes to protecting your pipes. It’s recommended instead that you open the interior doors, keep the heat set at a more consistent level, and keep those vents open. Shutting doors and closing vents can actually be harmful to your HVAC system (if you close enough of them), and the lack of consistent heat could be just enough to allow pipes along an exterior wall to freeze.


Building on the concept above, open the cabinet doors that house pipes during the coldest weather. The cabinet doors can actually block off those pipes from the heat in the house and if there’s cold enough temps, or a bit of an air leak from outside, pipes can easily freeze. We ran across a story out of Chicago where a pipe in a home froze in a heated space. After cleaning up the mess, the investigation into the cause of the problem determined that a drafty window coupled with high winds and low wind chill caused a single area of the pipe to freeze. So, open those doors when it’s super cold! Just watch your knees when you walk by!


It’s an age-old solution, but it works. Running the water at an extremely slow trickle reduces the pressure in the system. It doesn’t have to be much, but it might save you a mess.


Take a look in your basement for areas where the cold gets in. Even a small hole or a drafty window can cause a problem. And, on top of that, it’s a huge energy waste! A great trick to finding trouble spots is to light a stick of incense and let it smoke. Then walk around the perimeter of the room, holding it up to the sill plate and around windows. Watch the smoke and see what it does. When you find a drafty spot or a trouble area, the smoke will demonstrate it! Seal those spots up with spray foam, caulk, or, if it turns out to be a bigger project than you can tackle, contact an expert. We’d recommend WMGB Home Improvements!


If you leave the hoses on the faucets all winter, you could end up with damage from freezing, but you generally won’t find out about it until next Spring! An easy fix is to remove the hoses! Also, if possible, you could shut off the water to the outside faucets and drain them to make sure there’s no issues come April!


One last word of advice is to locate the main shut off valve today. Know where it is in the house and figure out how it works. It’s certainly not a complicated mechanism, but there are definitely stories of people who run into a problem and in the panic of the situation, can’t find the valve. A lot of damage can be prevented if you can act quickly and get the water shut 0ff! And, if you’ve got kids who are home during the day while parents work, it certainly would be beneficial to make them aware of the location of the valve and how it works as well!

Segments 2-3: Christmas Decorating with Jennifer Butler and Andy Yates

Jennifer Butler and Andy Yates from Jennifer Butler Design in Grand Rapids stop by to talk Christmas Decorating. Some Do’s and Don’ts. And somehow, we end up talking about pomegranates and live squirrels incorporated into festive table centerpieces….

Segment 4: Wooster Sherlock Roller Frame and Our Christmas Contest!

You have to be paint people to have a “favorite” roller frame. And yet, as “nerdy” as it may be to say so, this roller frame rocks! Sure, it’s about 3.5 times as expensive as a cheap one . . . but that still puts it under $12! And when you think how long you keep a roller frame? Buying this premium tool is a no-brainer!

Here’s a quick video:

And now . . . for the contest! RepcoLite has teamed up with Wooster Brush Company to make some family’s Christmas pretty amazing! We’ll be giving away a prize package of Wooster Paint Tools, RepcoLite Paint, and Games from Out of the Box Games in Zeeland and Kentwood! You can get all the information about how to enter on RepcoLite’s Facebook Page.