Episode 229: Composting 101, The Fireplace Paint Job, Refrigerator Makeover

SEGMENTS 1 & 2: Composting 101

Fall is on the way and it’s the perfect time to start composting! If you’ve never tried your hand at this, check out these segments. We’ve got all the info you need to jump in with confidence!

SEGMENT 3: The Fireplace Paint Job

Painting a brick fireplace is a big commitment but it also makes a giant impact on a space. We have talked about projects like this in the past so we decided to tackle it ourselves and LOVE the results. Tune in to hear about what we learned after we started painting and what tools you need to avoid our mistakes.

SEGMENT 4: Refrigerator Makeover

This is an unusual one, but every now and then, someone asks! The question? Can I paint my refrigerator? Of course! We’ll tell you how….

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