EP180: Home Offices That Inspire!

SEGMENT 1: Japanese Pull Saws

If you’re a woodworker (or even a hobbyist), you’ve got to check out these Japanese pull saws. They may take a little getting used to, but once you do, they will cut down the effort and frustration you normally have when using a hand saw! They are almost effortless. A elegant saw for a more civilized age….

SEGMENT 2: Appliance Shopping Tips

Sometimes it doesn’t hurt to buy items online. And sometimes, you can really get burned if you don’t check out an item first hand!

SEGMENTS 3 & 4: Home Offices That Inspire

So many of us are working from home these days. It’s time to take that temporary, makeshift space and turn it into a productive home office! We’ve got some ideas to help you get there!

EP177: Goodbye Soap Scum, So Long Hard Water Stains!

SEGMENT 1: DIY Cabinet Door Drying Rack

0:00 – 5:55 

I don’t get into it too deeply on the show today, but check out the link below for a cool DIY Cabinet Door Drying Rack. Easy to build. Inexpensive. AND a huge space saver!

SEGMENT 2: Cleaning the Room of Despair

5:55 –  19:00

I DETEST the kids’ bathroom in my home. It’s a place of despair. No matter how hard I try to keep it clean or try to convince them to keep it clean, it just gets messy fast. Add to that a hard water problem in my home, and the “yuck” can build up even more quickly!

That’s why I was so excited to discover CLR Brilliant Bath and CLR Multi-Purpose Cleaners. They took care of the soap scum, the mineral deposits, and the hard water stains better than anything I’ve tried before! And they’re really inexpensive….

SEGMENT 3: Betsy Update

19:01 –  31:02

Betsy’s been out of the studio for nearly 2 1/2 months, but she’s back today! In this segment we get an update on her recovery.

SEGMENT 4: The Right Color

31:03 –  39:29

Even though she’s been out of the studio for a while, that doesn’t mean Betsy’s been off the job! Even from her recovery time on the couch, she found herself helping customers find the right colors for their home. And it turns out to be a great example of some of the ways to cut through some clutter and find the right color in your own situation!

EP165: Betsy Surgery Update, Must for Rust, Father’s Day Gifts, DIY Patio Furniture

SEGMENT 1: Betsy Surgery Update

0:00 – 11:03

SEGMENT 2: The Must for Rust

11:03 –  18:57

Once in a while you stumble into a product or item that does exactly what the marketing claims say it will! The Must for Rust is one of them. 

SEGMENT 3: Recommended Father’s Day Gifts

19:00 – 32:07

It’s a yearly tradition on the RepcoLite Home Improvement Show! We give our recommendations of the IDEAL Father’s Day gifts. Here’s what we came up with for dear old dad this year:


SEGMENT 4: DIY Furniture Plans

32:08 –  39:30

DIY patio furniture is within your grasp. Here are just a few great plans that are available online!

EP163: Deck Coatings, Surprising Warm Colors, Mom and the Mysterious Case of Ghosting

SEGMENT 1: Deck Coatings and Wood Protectors

0:00 – 8:30

There are a lot of deck products out there to choose from and, while it’s a good thing to have some options, sometimes the multitude of offerings can get confusing. We break down a few of the most common on the show today. And if your deck is in good shape, or the wood hasn’t been coated with a semi-transparent or solid color stain, our favorite recommendation is RepcoLite’s Port City Deck and Dock! 

View in our Online Store:

SEGMENTS 2 & 3: Not Just Oranges and Reds!

8:35 –  32:22

So often we think of warm colors as simply an orange or a red. Maybe a yellow. But in fact, there are a wide range of colors that can be classified as “warm” and which, when used in the right way, will serve to “cozy-up” your space!

Betsy’s Benjamin Moore Color Recommendations:

Read More:

SEGMENT 4: Mom and the Mysterious Case of Ghosting

32:25 – 39:55

Ghosting or Thermal Tracking is a relatively common occurrence in the home. In short, it’s the phenomenon that occurs when small amounts of moisture forms on your drywall surface directly over the studs and framing. Dirt and soot and other airborne contaminants collect there and, over time, can result in a shadow effect on your walls.

It’s common, but frustrating. However, when you point it out to your mom on a holiday weekend and get her all riled up about it . . . it moves to a whole new level!

Benjamin Moore’s New Color Portfolio App Is Like Having the Paint Store in Your Hand!

One of the positives we’ve seen in the midst of this pandemic scare is the amazing nature of technology. As a parent, I’ve done my fair share of griping about the silliness of TikTok videos or YouTube snippets that my kids incessantly play for me. And I’ve stood in the dining room, feeling like my grandfather with my thumbs looped through my (figurative) suspenders as I recounted to the them all the reasons they need to “check out” from technology and read a book or feel outdoor air. But then this pandemic and the subsequent “self-isolation” hits and out of the blue we suddenly find that the world is literally at our fingertips thanks to technology.

Businesses and organizations in West Michigan and around the world have opened up the treasure chest and we find ourselves able to watch symphonies, tour the world, listen to story time at Fredrik Meijer Garden and Sculpture Park all without leaving our homes. We can view art from art museums, explore NASA’s collection of photos, and adventure through our nation’s national parks. All on our phones and iPads and laptops. It’s amazing! And thank goodness it’s there!

Benjamin Moore Colors go Digital!

Well, an interesting paint tool that came out a few months ago from Benjamin Moore does the same kind of thing by putting most of the Benjamin Moore color options in your hands! You can scroll through their colors and actually view them in digital fan decks. Better yet, you can snap a picture of a room in your home and then digitally apply any of the Benjamin Moore colors to your walls to get a sneak peak at how a given color might look!

If you find yourself stuck at home, self-quarantining, maybe download the app and start planing out your next paint project! It’s simple to use, remarkably accurate, and best of all, it’s free! Check out the links for Android and iOS down below. And also, check out the video!

And if you do find yourself at home and want to start a paint project, don’t forget that RepcoLite’s FREE Next Day Delivery Service goes perfectly with Benjamin Moore’s Color Portfolio App! Pick out your paint colors, place your order, and the next day, your paint and supplies are thoroughly disinfected and delivered to your doorstep! Click here for more informationNow Announcing Free Deliveries!, or click the “Ask us a Question” button on the right side of the page!


EP113: Thermal Tracking, Finding Color with Jennifer Butler Design, Home Improvement Wedding Gifts


Segment 1: Thermal Tracking or Ghosting

A listener wrote in and described a strange situation in his home: dark shadowy spots in the corner of his ceiling. He wondered what was going on. Well, while it could be something as simple as actual shadows, or as frustrating as mold or mildew. . . there’s a good chance it’s something called Thermal Tracking or Ghosting. We discuss what that is and what you can do about it!

Segments 2 & 3: Choosing Colors with Jennifer Butler Design

Jennifer Butler and Andy Yates from Jennifer Butler Design join us to talk about how they go about helping their clients create unique, personal spaces. If you’ve ever struggled with color and design, listen in! They have a lot of great advice!


Segment 4: Home Improvement Wedding Gifts!

Yes, it’s Wedding Season. And, yes, there are lots of different gifts you can give the newlyweds. But . . . we’ve got some home improvement-themed gifts that are perfect! And, we also have a video of a dancing lamb.

  • Orbital Sander
  • Hammer
  • Screwdriver Set
  • Drill Driver / Impact Driver
  • High Quality Drill Bits
  • Jig Saw
  • Tape Measure
  • Levels
  • Clamps
  • Tool Box — Milwaukee’s modular storage solution
  • Battery powered tools — might be smart to look at a system with a wide ranging number of tools and accessories that will work with the same batteries. Milwaukee tools has an incredible area of items all using the same batteries
  • Push broom
  • Leaf Blower
  • Weed Whip
  • Wet/Dry Vac
  • Socket Set
  • Flashlights
  • Extension Cords
  • Snow shovel
  • Corn Shovel
  • High Quality Garden Hose
  • Spade
  • Potato Fork
  • Extension Pole Trimmer with “Lopper”
  • Pruners
  • Loppers