Episode 222: Color Consultations, Deck Transformations, and the Pictures We Forget to Take

SEGMENT 1: Color Consultations

We often mention that we have color consultants in our stores that are ready to help. However, some people may be left wondering what exactly a color consultation is or when they are helpful… so to give us some insight on the process we are joined by our Fulton Street Color Consultant, Myra Maness.

SEGMENTS 2 & 3: Deck Transformation

Coating a deck is probably the most common exterior DIY project. Yet most of us are prone to avoiding the process because the prep work can take days. Luckily there is a way around this! We’ll tell you exactly how we made a deck look brand new in under 5 hours!

SEGMENT 4: The Pictures We Forget to Take

Whether we like it or not most of us are attached to our phones, so why not put them to work? We discuss some of the smart ways to use your phone’s camera as a tool during your next project.

EP208: A Little Ghosting Problem

SEGMENT 1: Is Dirt the New Prozac?

Here’s a segment from last year that’s worth replaying now that the weather’s warming up! If you’ve got flower beds that need work, there’s actually scientific evidence that digging in the dirt can be calming! Here’s one of the articles we reference in the segment….

SEGMENT 2: Which Wood?

Normally, we talk about cleaning and staining your deck for the Spring. But maybe you actually need to build a new deck altogether! If so, here’s an interview with Jason Slenk from Overisel Lumber that might help you decide which material to use.

SEGMENT 3: Goodbye Soap Scum and Hard Water Stains!

Last year, during the lockdowns, Dan stumbled on a bathroom cleaner that really helped clean up some of the trouble spots in one of the bathrooms in his home. It’s CLR: Brilliant Bath and it’s worth checking out!

SEGMENT 4: A Little Ghosting Problem….

Last year, on Memorial Day, Dan pointed out a ghosting (or thermal tracking) problem going on in his parents’ condo. He was happy to dish out the info . . . they were less than thrilled to realize that the things they thought were shadows on their walls were actually something else entirely!

EP206: Recharge, Refresh, and Relax

SEGMENT 1: Color Palette Recharge

Last month we started a new tradition of releasing curated color palettes! Each month you’ll find a new color palette in the store and on our instagram @repcolitepaints. April’s palette, Recharge, leans into warm colors that have become very popular. We discuss how to include bold colors in your own design.

SEGMENTS 2 & 3: A Dry Basement is a Good Basement

The battle against water in the basement may seem never ending. However, Zack Krieger from Ayers Basement Systems might hold the key to unlocking a truly dry basement. Zack fills us in on some of the most common problems and the Ayers Basement solutions!

SEGMENT 4: Deck Stains Explained

There is a lot of lingo when it comes to deck stains: translucent, semi-transparent, semi-solid, solid  . . . . All the varying opacities can be confusing but they have a big impact on the life of your deck. We discuss the differences so you can make the right choice.

EP166: Deck and Dock On Sale, Dating the Navy Seal Way

SEGMENT 1: Is Beading Water the Best Sign Your Deck Coating is Working?

0:00 – 6:48

There’s a company and a product that’s built around the idea and the image of water beading on a deck after a rain. And yet, surprisingly, those water beads might actually spell trouble for your deck!

View in our Online Store:

SEGMENTS 2, 3, & 4: Joe Kuhns, Dating Professional

6:49 –  38:58

Well, this is one for the books. We’ve tackled a lot of topics that stray somewhat from the “Home Improvement” theme. But this one, strays a little further than most! But it was such a good conversation, we wanted to air it.

Joe Kuhns from Coverdown Consulting (and retired Navy Seal) sits down with us to talk about some dating questions Dan had regarding his teenagers. And Joe hit it out of the park!

EP165: Betsy Surgery Update, Must for Rust, Father’s Day Gifts, DIY Patio Furniture

SEGMENT 1: Betsy Surgery Update

0:00 – 11:03

SEGMENT 2: The Must for Rust

11:03 –  18:57

Once in a while you stumble into a product or item that does exactly what the marketing claims say it will! The Must for Rust is one of them. 

SEGMENT 3: Recommended Father’s Day Gifts

19:00 – 32:07

It’s a yearly tradition on the RepcoLite Home Improvement Show! We give our recommendations of the IDEAL Father’s Day gifts. Here’s what we came up with for dear old dad this year:


SEGMENT 4: DIY Furniture Plans

32:08 –  39:30

DIY patio furniture is within your grasp. Here are just a few great plans that are available online!

EP164: The Angry Mama, Deck Upgrades, Painting Metal Roofs, Contractor Workloads


SEGMENT 1: The Angry Mama

0:00 – 7:36

Cleaning the microwave is usually never fun. But Betsy’s “Angry Mama” makes it easy . . . and, if you can believe it . . . a little entertaining!

SEGMENT 2: Deck Upgrades

7:37 — 18:58

We talk about decks all the time. But usually, we’re focused on the coating that will make it look and function the best. This time, we’re looking at some DIY upgrades to help you take your deck to the next level.

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SEGMENT 3: Painting Metal Roofs

19:00 – 32:10

It’s one of those projects that seems way too complicated for the average person. Yet, the materials needed are basic and with a little care, it’s definitely something you can do yourself!

From Our Blog:

SEGMENT 4: Contractor Workload Update

32:11 – 39:28

With everything that happened regarding COVID-19, what does it look like when it comes to hiring a contractor? We’ve got the scoop!